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'Navigating the seasons of life'

Dr. W.G. Romine, II

  The Bible says, “Man, born of woman is a few days old and full of trouble.” Many of us have no idea how true this statement is until we transition from children to parents. Thank God for the different stages of childhood. Although, where we start geographically and into which financial and social structure we’re born can matter greatly as to the character built into each individual. True equality must meet a conditional standard built upon this statement: “All things being equal, all things being relevant.” Only when the conditions are exactly the same, can two individuals aspire to the same goal with the same potential to achieve it.

   Reality dictates something far from the wonderland we are lead to believe through fairy tales and private education, provided by our overly protective parents. Since all things are seldom equal we are going to swallow a dose of reality like our grandparents had to. This takes us back before the spoonful of sugar was added. Our grandparents had to take the medicine and then run for something to chase it down with. Times used to be hard for most folks back in our grandparents day. Although there were some who always had it better, the most they ever saw was suffering the same as they had experienced. Perhaps childhood was cherished more because it was split between play-time and chores (work). Being tired had a different definition back then, than it does today.

   Each generation gains something, but it also gives some thing away. Do you think we are better than our grandparents because of change; or do we just suffer in different ways? Having things easier is not the same as having things better! I don’t want to skip a generation, but medical science is proving that the grandchildren of today are suffering many of the sickness and diseases which never affected our grandparents until their senior years. Stress and diet related obesity are destroying many young people during their childhood season. Many are given adult prescriptions before reaching mid-way adolescence. Imagine children suffering from diabetes, congestive heart failure, and rheumatoid arthritis. When the ingredient label lists more preservatives than actual food, the human body cannot assimilate the chemicals and is forced to store them, causing the body systems to break down.

   Oops! TMI (Too Much Information). Now back to the parents, children of the grandparents. These would be the Baby-Boomers. The generation after WWII, who challenged authority and wanted to experience free love. There are not enough acronyms to describe them. I guess their one conciliation is a refusal to admit inhaling. Many achievements were made through this generation’s input, which have contributed to a stronger work ethic as the Boomers approached mid-life. This is the generation that would reinvent the wheel. Technology trumps everything else, driving the industrial revolution at warp speed; inventing, creating and destroying before the paint dries.

   The grandchildren of today are reaping benefits of a society driven by change. Necessity spawned inventions past common reasoning to explain. Work has become an exercise in mental accent. Child’s play in this 21st century would confound Einstein. IQs are being measured in preschool and children are stuck in front of the monitor until they complete the next level or conquer their opponent overseas. They challenge their parents to keep up with them by requesting the latest software to download. They are smarter; but when will they stop to play a game that doesn’t bedazzle your optic nerve or fry brain circuits? Why can’t they just be children?

   The old days are gone forever, because the march toward a New World Order is creating a New Social Order. Sound bites and headlines direct us through life like rats in a maze. Details are left for later discovery, if and when problems occur. Heritage must become more valuable, if we are to benefit from the efforts of our grandparents and parents. History is more than a recorded footprint of our parents existence.

   It is the impression our families have made in this territory. Mistakes and major achievements stretched over generations are responsible for shaping much of what we have become today. Sometimes our best efforts to bury the past only serve to reveal things we wish we never knew. Perhaps we do owe an apology to the children who survived the sins of our ancestral conflicts.

   Kansas is in the heart of the United States and is the geodetic center of the North America Continent. This puts Kansas in the spotlight of this nation and the continent. Our past achievements are as vital to our history as our present achievements will be to our future. It’s time to lift up our eyes toward heaven and bless the Lord for the strength He has given our families to overcome the perils of settling, building and creating the heart and bread basket of this nation. Kansas is strong because our families would not abandon their hope when finances failed. Kansas is still here because our families would not leave when the earth failed to produce crops during the great drought. Kansas is strong because our families fought to the death for the right to farm and ranch on the high plains once filled with buffalo and outlaws. Kansas is filled with hope because our families watch over their own from cradle-to-grave with something valuable enough to secure their future, real estate.

   The one thing tornados cannot take away. Kansas is looking into tomorrow by following in the footsteps of its automobile designers, aviation engineers and manufactures, astronauts, and national leaders.

   American history paints Kansas into the center of conflict as this nation experienced many growing pains. Kansas, through U.S. Highway 83, is the American crossroad from Canada to Mexico. Many Americans don’t understand the importance of all Kansas has to offer, but they often borrow the line from a world famous movie,Wizard of Oz, "We’re not in Kansas anymore." History comes alive in many ways as you travel through this landscape of the home of dinosaurs Indian heritage, infamous outlaws, Coffeyville, Dodge City, and the cattle drives and Calvary Forts, not to mention buried treasures of natural resources such as fresh water aquifers and petroleum beds. Kansas is rich in open range lands and diverse wildlife. Its lakes and rivers are filled with a verity of aquatic life and record setting fresh water game fish. Sportsmen from across the nation enjoy the bounty found in abundance within our borders.

   Most importantly, the people of Kansas are survivors and providers with an obstinate passion born out of a heritage passed down from generation to generation. Pride is the bedrock and foundation of most family farmers carrying the legacy of over one hundred and fifty years of feast or famine faith. Remember, they are doing it for the rest of us who are not farmers. We who understand your effort applaud you, love you and pray for your strength to continue. You deserve all the blessings that come your way.