Redeeming Love Ministries, Inc.

R.L.M. REGIONAL CHURCH  originated in 1995 as a teaching based ministry. Our desire is to create maturing Believers through bible based discipleship. Nurture and biblical instruction are at the root of this church based ministry. Since inception we have reached throughout Northwest Kansas, Eastern Colorado and Southern Nebraska, desiring to network this region through INTERCESSORY PRAYER, CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, and THEOLOGICAL BIBLE SCHOOLS. Our Kingdom mandate is transformation of the heartland of America for a future harvest of souls.

R.L.M. TRAINING CENTERS  began after three years of prayer and planning in 2003. This is a one of a kind Accredited School of Theology in Northwest Kansas, accreditation through Jubilee School of Ministry [American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions]. Our goal is to inform and equip Believers to engage society at all levels, with confidence and biblical awareness to rightly divide truth from fiction. We are transforming average Christians into planet shakers, Believers on assignment to demonstrate God’s Kingdom principles in this fallen world. Starting at age 16, enrolled students can begin earning their Bachelor Degree in Ministry before receiving their high school diploma. Each year a Certificate of Diploma is awarded until completion of the Degree program. 

MARKETPLACE INFUSION  is the Godly mandate for the Church in this 21st century. We are following this directive through the introduction of entrepreneurial business start-up programs within the church body. Imagine personal start-up companies owned by individuals, structured through the power of the internet, designed to increase the income base and tithe potential of that family. This ministry encourages untapped potential to surface: moving Believers into economic and social arenas such as politics, government, business, education and the arts/sciences.


Redeeming Love WELCOMES YOU to LOOK Inside.


'We Are A Kingdom Vision Church'

REDEEMING LOVE is the place to come:

~ Face-to-Face with God through intimate study and teaching of biblical scriptures.

~ For Equipping to handle Kingdom Business.

~ To mature as Christians and practice faith's exploits in a safe environment.

~ To conquer your fear of failure and rejection.

~ For love without prejudgment - "for love shall cover the multitude of sins." 1 Peter 2:8