Redeeming Love Ministries, Inc.

Degree Program

A diploma certifying graduation from each enrollment period is awarded on the basis of accumulating the required number of course subjects, tests, exams, plus  written self-evaluation papers integrating the cumulative learning experiences contributing to the student’s present and future ministry.  However, since R.L.M. Training Center is an accredited school, all earned credit hours will be applied to the student's transcript.  Those enrolled students receiving credited hours toward a Bachelor/Master of Ministry degree through R.L.M. Training Centers can also transfer their credited hours to any receiving school; and submit any previously earned theological training credit hours to R.L.M. for possible review and acceptance.  * Accreditation is through American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions, Inc. (A.A.A.T.I.) *  An Associate/Bachelor and Master of Ministry degree will ONLY be awarded to those completing all necessary course studies, self-evaluation papers, special credit seminars, and assigned book reviews, tests and exams presented over a three year duration.  Also, (1) self-paid training week at “Be In Health” in Thomaston, Georgia.

R.L.M.Training Center Classroom Courses

Classroom courses are the major training component provided directly by R.L.M. Training Center.  While the format will vary according to need, a typical model is 4 lessons from 1 subject, taught over a four-week period from a selected course.  Each month a different subject is covering 4 new lessons from a different course.  The average lesson will provide 2 hours of classroom instruction.  The average 9-month enrollment period will provide 72 hours of classroom instruction, 9 tests, 3 exams, plus 9 (800 word) self-evaluation papers.  Each diploma must cover a minimum of 3 courses, 9 subjects and 36 lessons.  All students qualified for the accreditation program must add to the diploma program; three 6 hour special credit seminars with a single page review paper, 6 book reviews (800 word minimum), and all self-evaluation papers must be 800 word minimum, plus passing grades on tests and exams.  The only additional costs will be the amount of your text books and $45.00 minimum offerings applied toward the speakers, and credit hours, during the special credit seminars.  These are two to four year programs for an Associate, Bachelor and Master of Ministry degree.

Home-Based Study

While R.L.M. Training Center is not designed to be a correspondence school, it is nevertheless recognized that many students may find it difficult to travel outside of their own community in order to attend classroom courses or R.L.M. Training Center certified events.  To meet these needs, a whole program of home-based courses is being developed.  Some of America’s most outstanding Christian teachers have their materials on audio and video tapes, and courses on the internet will soon proliferate.

At the same time, personal contact with both core and adjunct faculty is important for impartation and anointed ministry training.  In order to balance these two benefits, at least 80% of the training required of students at the diploma level in R.L.M. Training Center must be earned through classroom courses.  The remaining 20% may be picked up through home-based studies.  For the accredited degree program the opposite applies, with the addition of certain pre-approved text books and attendance at special credit seminars.  Also various other seminars, conferences and mission trips could render additional credited hours.  (Contact administrations office for a list)