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Dr. W.G. Romine II, Senior Pastor and Chancellor of Training Center                                                             Rev. Orvella Romine, Church Pastor and Dean of Training Center                                                                Dr. Edna Hansen, Church Minister 

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345 N. Franklin Ave.                                                                                                                                  Colby, Kansas 67701

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P.O. Box 372                                                                                                                                              Colby, Kansas 67701-0372

Phone & Email: [note: it may be necessary to copy and paste email address to your server to send]    ROMINE - Home Office: 785-657-1611                                                                                                    Email:                                                                                                                                          TESTIMONIALS Email:                                                                                                 HANSEN - Email:


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The more I learn, the more I realize God's plan for my life is not without commitment. Each lesson pushes me to open new doors while closing others that used to shape my decisions. Freedom really does have a price. Thank God for sending Jesus to pay the portion I could never afford! I'm beginning to understand the saying, 'Knowledge is Power'.  -C.R.

This class has taught me more than you will ever know. Numerous times the Holy Spirit has confirmed your teachings through various ways. My relationship with the godhead is much stronger and deeper. The class was something that both my husband and I looked forward to, as we grew together and would discuss what we learned or felt God was revealing to us. Our lives have been changed. "Thank you" will not even come close to expressing how grateful we are to you for providing this school. You are excellent teachers!  -Y.H.

Since attending R.L.M. Training Center, I have experienced more confidence when sharing the scriptures with others. My personal faith and knowledge of God's Word has grown through the clear teachings and printed outlines. This is the best investment I have ever made toward my Biblical education. I am a stronger believer and more aware my position in God's redemptive plan.  -T.W. 

What a blessing to find a church ministry reaching out to impact the whole region. I am impressed to see the faithfulness and inspiration coming from the leadership, being imparting to every body in attendance. Thank God for this present-day bible teaching ministry concerned about everyday people.  -A.G.

R.L.M. Training Centers is the ideal college experience for those seeking a sound education in biblical studies. In this ever increasing era of technology, it's good to slow down and actually read the Bible verse by verse. My personal knowledge of God's word is being increased as my faith is being stretched. The two hours of actual class time is well worth the drive to Colby each week. What I like most is the relaxed style of the instructors and the minimum pressure applied to the students to fulfill their home studies. Anyone can earn their degree through R.L.M. Training Centers pass/fail system. Just do the work! Thank God for providing us such an easy way to embrace Kingdom Principles.  -G.R.

What a blessing this school has been to me. When visiting with others about the Lord, I now have confidence in knowing what the Bible says. The teachers are dedicated to teach the Word of God because they have a relationship with Him and know how important it is for the students to know Him so the kingdom of God will advance. The Lord has blessed me through this class and my relationship with Him continues to deepen. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and providing the class for all believers. I will miss the class next year but will be praying for you. Thanks again for the opportunity.  -S.H.

Each year God is taking me to new heights in growth and revelation. The new challenges, though often difficult, are stretching me in directions I would not have gone without the leadership training of R.L.M. Training Center. Something is coming and I want to be in the right place at the right time, with the knowledge and confidence to do exploits in the name of the Lord! One teaching I will never forget explains how when the Lord God enters time 'Something Changes'; even so, Come Lord Jesus!  -W.R.