Redeeming Love Ministries, Inc.

Membership is not a requirement to attend R.L.M. REGIONAL CHURCH.         You may attend our 9am EQUIPPING CLASS, which is uniquely designed to inspire teaching skills for leadership.  All regular members are encouraged to research books to find suitable teaching tools for training fellow Believers.  Once chosen that person will lead the Equipping Class for the duration of time needed to cover that book.  We do not limit the duration of time needed, however, different individuals can share the teaching time if requested or needed to fill in, in the event of necessary absence.

General WORSHIP SERVICE starts at 10:00am, which allows testimonies, praise reports, special songs & hymns mixed with contemporary Christian/Gospel music.  These are times of refreshing, words of prophecy, word of knowledge, healing prayer, and inspired Bible teaching.  Most are welcome to come and experience God face-to-face, as we learn the ways of God.

All attending R.L.M. TRAINING CENTER - MUST be enrolled that school year.  R.L.M. Training Center is a Charter School affiliated with Jubilee School of Ministry located in Des Moines, Iowa.  Accreditation is through American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions.  All enrolled students are graded through passing tests, exams and completing self-evaluation papers in three courses of study. 

  • BIBLICAL IDENTITY: will focus on the scriptures to inform students of the importance in building solid foundations for their faith.  Your knowledge of the inerrant/infallible truth will be tested by the enemies of your faith. 
  • PHYSICAL IDENTITY: will challenge the student to walk in direct obedience, in thought, speech, and action.  Failure to exercise faith in the flesh hinders maturity.  The day of excuses is past!  The Day of the Saints is coming! 
  • SPIRITUAL IDENTITY: will unlock the mysteries of the Kingdom to those who have ears to hear.  Eternity will enter time and you will become responsible to fulfill the Father's destiny.  God's will is for you to know and understand His ways!  Abraham and Moses became friends of God.  Imagine the great responsibility and honor entrusted to them, knowing the Ways of God!  Remember, knowledge brings responsibility, which brings power, which brings glory, which brings relationship.  FROM GLORY, TO GLORY, TO GOD!

A special correspondence course is available. Interested students should contact the administration office at: 785-657-1611 (leave a message) or email: