Redeeming Love Ministries, Inc.

REDEEMING LOVE MINISTRIES, INC. is dedicated to building God's Kingdom Principles into this generation of Believers, preparing old and young to demonstrate the power of God’s love in everyday circumstances. 
“A threefold cord is not soon broken.” God has revealed a unique threefold method to transform average people into powerful witnesses: leaders for the 21st century Church.

KINGDOM BUILDING  is the 1st mandate for 21st century Believers, moving us toward unity with the greater Body of Christ. John the baptist preached repentance through water baptism, in preparation for the ONE who was coming. Jesus preached repentance for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand, in preparation for the Kingdom of God that would follow. Apostle Peter preached repentance and baptism of water and fire, in order to enter the Kingdom of God. NOW, we must preach the message of reconciliation by faith through grace, which is only obtainable by repentance. The FREE GIFT of the gospel is only free to those who surrender SELF by repentance. -Romans 12:1-5

EQUIPPING THE BODY OF CHRIST   is the 2nd mandate being met through various discipleship schools focused on relationship with the godhead. The Bible teaches that God is love. To say we know God and not walk in love proves us to be liars. Believers must come into personal contact with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to identify with the heart of God. If we don't know God's heart, we will never know God's ways. Christians today are being challenged to embrace discipleship training that will bring them face-to-face with God. Like Moses, we must not be satisfied seeing His works; when we can know His ways!

MARKETPLACE INVOLVEMENT  is the 3rd mandate motivating Believers to engage in business, politics, government, education and the arts/sciences, infusing society at all levels with present truth. This motivation comes from the highest levels of Church leadership, calling professionals to arise as leaders among the pews. Boldness is gripping the hearts and minds of average Christians as they endeavor to release their talents and abilities, flooding the marketplace with Kingdom Age perspectives. Financial strength is returning to the people of God!